While in the grocery store the other day, I witnessed a mother and her three-year-old child have a heated battle in the cereal aisle. The child had to have Fruit Loops as opposed to the healthy cereal that the mother was reaching for, and they were not going to go anywhere until the child got Fruit Loops! Frustrated, the mother protested while the child grabbed the Fruit Loops, gripped the box with dear life, sat on the ground, and screamed.

We’ve all seen something like this, right? A mother cringing inside with the, “My God, child, pick another time to do this!” look of desperation on her face. Poor mom. Now in these moments, the mother has three options.

  1. Leave the screaming child on the floor until they eventually give up and chase after their mother fearing that they will get left in the store.
  1. Spend 20 minutes fighting with the child in the cereal aisle while other shoppers dodge and avoid the heated commotion.
  1. Sit down with the child to have a little discussion asking, “What is going? What do you need this cereal?” Together, they work out a solution, and the child willingly gets in the shopping cart while the mother finishes her grocery shopping with ease.

Now, why do I want to bring this up? When it comes to your subconscious mind, it often takes on the role of a fitful, stubborn, selfish, three-year-old child that just has to have Fruit Loops, dammit! Though the subconscious mind has good intentions and ultimately just wants to keep you safe and thus throws a tantrum, it is not necessarily helpful and often not on board with the direction you want to go in your business! So, in these moments, we need to have a little talk with our subconscious mind so it willingly lets go of the Fruit Loops and gets in the cart!

temper tantrums and leaning in

Now, unfortunately, our subconscious mind’s “tantrums” are not as obvious as a screaming three-year-old, otherwise, it would be very easy to identify and work through. The tantrums come in the form of distractions such as convincing us to do the things we want to do, the things that seem more fun, things that will help avoid conflict, and things that make us feel good. Thus, our subconscious minds divert us from the path that will allow us to move forward in our businesses.

So when we realize what’s going on behind the scenes with our subconscious mind — that it wants to keep us safe and therefore it is the most creative three-year-old on the planet — then we can move forward. But in order to do this, we need to identify when our subconscious mind is throwing a tantrum. In my experience, I have seen this show up in the following ways.

  1. Incredibly skilled individuals are convinced that they need to hire an expert to show them the way. Now, let me be clear. There are fantastic programs and masterminds out there! But far too often I see people expect these programs to make the internal change because their subconscious mind pushes them in that direction. If you are approaching a class/mastermind/program in that way, it will not work, you will not get the results. You have to do that inner work first in order to really lean in and trust yourself as the expert. Then attending classes/masterminds/programs can move the needle and push you forward.
  1. Doubt in ourselves. Though this is similar to relying on an expert or guru, doubt is different. Doubt shows up in the form of, “I just can’t do this, why bother?!” This kind of mental chatter hijacks us! In order to move forward, we must eradicate these thoughts.
  1. Letting external factors such as the car breaking down, or family matters get in the way and prevent us from moving forward. Though obviously, we have to attend to external factors, they do not need to put an indefinite pause on our progress.
leaning in and trusting yourself

In order to move forward, we must change the subconscious patterning and remove the layers of resistance. So rather than being the mom that drags a screaming kid (your subconscious mind) around the grocery store, you take a moment to drop down, talk to your child, willingly put them into the cart, and whiz through the store! So that’s the difference. Try a Self-Clearing process to console that subconscious and I would love to get your subconscious mind wrangled in place and cooperating with you. So head over to BookDana.in and let’s get you up-leveled with ease.

When you have hushed your subconscious and start to lean in and trust yourself, you will be able to take your business into new heights and be a Badass in Business.