When you are willing to lose everything…you can have anything!

Being willing to lose everything means that nothing gets to control you, limit you, stop you. Ever!

How cool would that be?


Now, please understand that being willing to lose is not the same as trying to get rid of or destroy things in your life.

It really is about having total freedom in your life; freedom of choice, freedom to be exactly who you are.

When you are willing to lose something like your business or your job, then there is no room for fear of losing your job or your business since you are already willing to lose it.

For me, at 18 I walked away from everyone and everything I knew in order to follow what worked for me. You see I grew up in a mild cult, my parents were Jehovah Witness, and it really did not fit for me. I knew that I could not stay any longer, however leaving meant that I had to give up all my friends, family and surrogate family that I had known and loved for 18 years.

That experience gave me the strength to step into this concept at an early age. In fact I have had times in my life where I have had to make a similar choice of walking away from the known to step into the unknown in order to stay true to me.

So I get what it takes to really own this tool. I get it on a deep soul level kind of way.

The freedom I have as a result is part of what inspires me to press forward in my business because I want others to experience this level of freedom too.

If you would like to dive deeper into the tool, reach out to schedule your consultation, I look forward to speaking with you.