The secret to hiring really great people.

This is not the usual rhetoric of screening and doing all your research and having them take a gazillion profile test. No. There are actually some simpler things that start with you. It makes a big difference as to whether you hire great people or not.

I’m Dana Pharant and this is your anti hustler’s guide to making money in business.

Diving into the topic of hiring.

Now, you may think that to get the right people you need to screen and you need to have them take y’all the profiles tests so that you have the right people and those are great. I’m not saying those are not good tools. It actually starts with whether or not you are relaxed. Whether or not you are in the space of whether you trust that you have good people whether you believe that you have good people and this is like stuff that’s going on unconsciously. This is not the lead thought in your brain but it shows up. It shows up specifically when you go to hire somebody.

Hiring people when you’re in a big rush, if you are hustling and grinding, I guarantee you’re rushing through everything. You will hire somebody that’s not a good fit for your business. You’re gonna hire somebody that you override your intuitive nudge of ‘there’s something about them even though it lines up even though all the profile stuff lines up’ and that’s the problem. Right there. As long as you are stuck in the hustle and grind, you’re going to miss the subtle clues. You’re going to rush into hiring somebody. Then you have a big mess because you have somebody that’s not a good fit for your business.

Stop this Addiction

Removing this hustling addiction from the equation is one of the fastest ways for you to grow your business. Sure all the systems and everything are going to help. And they’re going to happen because when you stop the hustle and grind you step in to being present in your body. When you really do that then you’re going to hear what you need to hear. You’re going to follow those nudges. You can get that inspiration and you’re gonna fly with those pieces that you need to fly with.

Getting Started

Training yourself to listen to your intuition is a skill and a muscle like all muscles. I wrote Badass Intuition to help you condition yourself to trust that inner wisdom. Grab your copy here.

You can also read an article about Trusting your intuition in business decisions here.

Slow down, allow yourself to notice if there is an inner niggle that says that this person is right or not for you and your business. Your monkey brain is going to want to scream that you need to “just make a damn decision already” but hold out for that great fit instead of a warm body to fit the seat. Remind your monkey brain that it is more expensive to hire wrong than wait for a great fit.

Let’s Talk

If you find that you rush into things more often than you wish, it might be time for us to take a peek at what is going on with your internal programming. Find the things that create this addition to begin busy and pushing.

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