“Why can’t I get questions to work for me?”

I hear this from my clients far too often. They are asking all kinds of questions and not seeing any change. Why?

Watch this video for some explanation on how to use the tool more effectively.



Asking questions to get new information is used in many modalities and practices. You ask questions of the universe to expand your current awareness level and get new information.

It is not to get anything from your mind, since your mind is very limited and will only tell you what you already know.

Here are the highlights from the video:

1. Ask as if you are asking a friend.

2. Wait for the information, you don’t tell your friend the answer if you asked them the question.

3. The universe will not give you any new information if you have already decided what the answer is to your question.

4. Let go of the need to know the outcome.

5. Bring the “information” download into your body – most people prefer the heart.

6. Trust that the zip file will unpack in your body and eventually get to your brain.

7. Remember this is about having fun. If you are not having fun asking questions….how could you make it fun?


And as always, for this or any of the many other tools when you need to go beyond the basic level and really tap into your limitless potential….call me for a session.

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