If you say nothing every time you order a steak and settle for the burger – the restaurant will charge you for the steak; and the restaurant is going to continue to bring you a burger. It is easier, faster and cheaper for them.

This is not to say that the Universe/God is looking to rip you off. That is not the point here. The point is that if, until now, you have been earning money from one source and that source is this easy path of giving you money, you need to realise that when you ask for more money the first thing that comes in is going to come in via the easy, well worn path to bringing you the money you want.

If you want something different, you are going to need to be clear that you really want what you actually ordered and not something close. In the restaurant that means you need to send the burger back and WAIT for the steak you ordered to be prepared.

Same thing in your business. When I was moving from massage therapy to coaching, I kept getting massage clients coming in when I asked for coaching clients. That kept happening until I sent my clear message by retiring my massage license so that clients could not get the money back from their insurance provider. Only then did I start getting my steak, as ordered – the coaching clients.

It was a leap of faith to cut off the easy path to money. However, it was a path I was tired off, and while I loved my clients, I was tired of undeserving them through massage therapy when I knew I could radically change their whole life with the coaching.

I had to force myself to play full out in the coaching in order to make it a full time paying business. I had to refuse all the burgers coming my way and WAIT for the steak. I had to take action to attract the coaching clients, learn a new marketing language, and constantly improve my skills not only at coaching but also at sales and promotion. These actions keep sending the message that I am holding out for the steak that I ordered.

Was it scary? At times, yes. However, it allowed me to experience firsthand the power of the tools that I teach my clients. The value of keeping my energy in alignment with what I desire to create – aka keeping my head out of my ass and stop focusing on the damn money lol.