Let me ask you a few questions. Have you noticed that as you earn more money, more hands grab at your pockets? Are you bothered by these people who are trying to get the money that you work so hard to earn? Realistically, as you grow, people will notice. As a result, they will start to pitch their services or products. And frankly, you have risen to where you are today because you too pitched services and products to people and companies! 

As a successful businessperson, you recognize that when people ask, you can (and often do) decline. So, why does this upset you so much? On the surface, their timing can be a frustrating disruption. If this really bugs you, there is a deeper issue. Unfortunately, this deeper issue can cost you a lot of wasted time and therefore wasted money (because time is money)!


Fortunately, I specialize in helping clients look beyond the surface frustration. I work through their deeper issues causing the actual problems, frustrations, anxieties, and/or anger that keeps them stuck. And that is where the gold lies! Take that time to look beyond the surface level of the people pitching you a service for a ridiculous amount of money. Instead, dig into the real issue, then we can move beyond! 

The deeper frustration will vary from person to person. In this particular example, some are frustrated because they never give themselves permission to ask for money so how dare anyone else has permission to do so. For others, there could be this piece of, “I work really hard for my money and how dare somebody try to take it away!” The list of frustrations is endless, but regardless of the reason, by moving the pieces out, the angry charge will dissipate thus freeing up your time to tackle the tasks that actually need your attention.

A woman frustrated at work


This is where the value of constantly doing your deeper inner work lies! Before my clients start working with me, emotional challenges arise that cost them hours of time. We all have issues and challenges that eat up our emotional state causing lost productivity, clarity, and peace. But have you ever thought how much this might cost you? 

Now, think for a moment about your hourly rate and ask yourself, “How much does it cost me when I am not taking action and tackling my daily tasks and project?” Beyond the financial costs, think of the health factor. Though there is not a direct, measurable ROI when it comes to working through these problems, if investing in your mental health and well-being will save your time, you will make you more money.

Two people making a deal

Now, every time something or someone pisses you off is now an opportunity to gain self-awareness. I am willing to hold a space for you to quickly and efficiently move through your pieces. If you are ready for someone to be on your side, head over at BookDana.in to schedule your free consultation.