Kim Boudreau Smith

Kim Boudreau Smith is bold and direct mixed with plenty of passion and fun.  Kim shows up strong in life no matter what is happening and how she feels. She loves attracting like-minded people who work hard, achieve dreams and enjoy life too. To accomplish this, Kim aligns her body, mind and spirit working hard to maintain balance and wellness. Helping those she works with achieve that same level of wholeness, so they too can achieve their dreams is a priority for Kim.

Kim had a very successful corporate career.  Something was missing, so she launched a fitness business with sought after classes, private clients and exercise videos. She not only runs that fitness business She is also the CEO of Kim B. Smith Inc.  Kim is known for being a 2-time international best-selling author/compiler as well as the founder and former CEO of Bold Radio Station-an internet radio station that offers a VIP service for business owners to market their voice as the experts that they are.

A native of Royal Oak, Michigan, Kim currently resides in Birmingham, Michigan. She is certified in coaching through the International Coaching Academy. She continues her personal and spiritual development through the practices of yoga, meditation and in the past, Changing Woman.

Kim happiest joy is being a Mom to her black labs, Grace the therapy dog and Luna the puppy!

What is your story of owning our Inner Dominatrix that you will bring to the listeners (how are you showing up in a bold way)?
Being totally raw-real about current transition and moving forward! No more faking; totally removing the mask!

What message would you love to get out in the world?
It is okay to feel pain, pain takes us to joy, growth.

What is your next project that I can shine a light on in the interview?
Kim is launching a new blog.  We’ll bring you the details as soon as it’s live!


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