Jenny Burk

In a culture obsessed with food and the “ideal” body image, Jenny offers men and women the chance to experience body love, pleasure with food again, greater self-esteem and total acceptance of self. Her work focuses on healing our often fraught relationship with our bodies and with tuning into intrinsic wisdom to learn how to nourish ourselves naturally and joyfully.

She is a best-selling author of the book, The Body Image Blueprint, a Certified Eating Psychology coach and a body image mentor. She resides in Boston with her hubby of 15 years, 3 daughters and 2 kittens


Episode Summary

Today, Dana and her guest Jenny Berk dig in to a juicy topic. Jenny is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Body Image Mentor and has brought scintillating, delicious education to the table. By working with a ‘bank’ of pleasurable experiences, Jenny works to heal our relationship with food and our bodies by divorcing ourselves from the rules and regulations we have around food, allowing ourselves to have food in our environment without it controlling us. Because, let’s face it: Food Is Everywhere. Want to have a meeting? Let’s do lunch! Going to grandma’s for tea – you know she’s going to have cookies. Our entire culture bases its socialization on food. Since you can’t avoid eating, get ready to sit down with your favourite treat and savour it while you listen to the podcast. Give yourself permission to enjoy eating again. Jenny and Dana will show you how.

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