Odette Peek

After building a seven-figure business, Odette Peek suffered a personal crisis that led to a breakdown and then a rebirth of a new mission to help entrepreneurs, speakers, and leaders share their unique and powerful story with the world. Odette, a professional speaker, experienced business coach, and TEDx alumni, helps to uncover the story that is the rooted in one’s passion and purpose, then clarify and amplify the message to create massive impact in the world.

Episode Summary

Today we are going to have you take off your “I am the driven businesswoman” suit and surrender to Dana along with her guest, Odette Peek, as they help you let go of the fear and anxiety that can be a cancer stopping you from living the life you want. Why? Because you can’t “Do” your way into peace, and being ok with who you are and where you are at for people who are driven can be a scary loss of control. So take off that jacket, undo that top button and let Dana and Odette bring you from chaos to calm. Don’t worry. You’re in good hands.

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