Episode Summary

It’s time to strip down and get comfortable with your particular wants in the Dungeon. Why? Because it can actually improve your business.  Especially for female entrepreneurs – most women in the business and corporate world do not lean into and embrace their inner power.  They try to copycat the Masculine energy and end up tired.  Working in the Dungeon with a submissive means not giving them what they want.  It’s counter-intuitive; you should give them what they want because that’s what they want.  However, you’re actually denying them a greater gift; one that comes from working harder and pushing at their limits to get them to Sub Space.  The praise at that moment, the lessons, goes deeper at a level beyond hypnosis or energy work.  You can be your own Dom/me and discipline yourself in the business – giving you that extra sweet, fulfilling reward that lasts.  Your reward, when leaned into the long-term, delayed gratification process, will be sweeter, larger and more enduring.

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