Kristy Heart

Kristy Heart is The Dominatrix Life Coach, getting you the bulletproof confidence you need to Dominate Your World…no safe word required.

As the underground’s confidential mentor to owning your personal power, Ms. Heart is a life-long entrepreneur, international award-winning problem solver, and real-life Dominatrix with 20 years of experienced dedication pushing the limits of self-improvement, behavioral psychology, and BDSM practitioning.

Episode Summary

Did you know that babies develop walking muscles not by walking, but by falling down and pulling themselves back up again? Guest Kristy Heart and Dana know all about how to build your confidence, strength and resiliency so that you can stop navel gazing and parley a negative event into an opportunity. You will learn how to prepare for failure so that the process of falling down and getting back up is the juicy part of your ever evolving strive for excellence. Pack some hip waders so you can go digging in the mud for that nugget of gold. There will always be mud. Let’s prepare for it.

If this episode didn’t kick you to the next level, Dana has invited you to join her in ditching the trauma.