Carrie Roldan

You know those people who light up a room with their presence? Well, Carrie Roldan is one of them!

John Maxwell says that there are two types of people in the world: the lifters (those who uplift others), and the leaners (those who bring people down); and Carrie is 100% lifter! She’s a wife, a mother, a runner, a personal growth junkie, and your total business BFF!!  As the host of The Carrie Roldan Show, best-selling author of ‘Run Yourself Happy’, and a highly sought-after coach who is known for her wisdom, perspective, and genuine caring, Carrie can’t help but encourage, uplift, and Inspire others!

Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and once you’ve met her, you can’t help but want to be a part of her tribe.

Episode Summary

We have been conditioned for generations to believe that work, or your business has to feel “hard” and that “passions” are for playtime. Dana’s guest Carrie Roldan wants you to ask yourself “What would you do for FREE?” That amazing thing that you are passionate about, that fills you up and makes you feel alive. Now what if you had a business BFF that could have your back and hold your hand or shove you off the cliff (or whatever you need) to propel you into the space where you can make money from the thing that fulfills your life? Dana’s always got your back, and as Carrie says “You’ve got this, I’ve got you.”

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