Episode Summary

Fall Fair season kicks off with Dana putting you at the controls of the biggest ride ever to hit the county fair: ‘Your Business’. But some of the people in line haven’t grown enough to get on the ride, many of them have WAY too much baggage or are straight up terrified by ‘Your Business’. Well, you can’t drag the ones who aren’t ready kicking and screaming onto the ride. You can’t hold someone else’s baggage for them while they enjoy unlimited rides on ‘Your Business’, and, tantrum or not, you certainly can’t let those who have not grown enough for the ride to climb aboard. I can see you now, standing at the controls of ‘Your Business’, clear in your power and resilient to the conflict, triggers, stress and strife the stuck masses will generate. Because YOU are the badass boss of ‘Your Business’, all thanks to a little help from your Inner Dominatrix.


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