Leslie Flowers

Leslie is a trailblazer for those who long to achieve in business and in life. She has mastered timeless principles like the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive Thinking to create a proven system for goal achievement and success. She specializes in guiding women to succeed spectacularly in a man’s world and collapse the wage gap sooner than expected. She teaches women how to stop the roller coaster of financial insecurity by building confidence, harnessing their positive beliefs, and taking inspired action to get what they want.

Episode Summary:
This week, Leslie recounts her experience with “guru’s” and even shares how she felt about them.  She talks about the two way street that is the Guru-Client relationship, and how she avoided getting burned.

Dana and Leslie discuss the process of fine tuning the processes and information to be relevant to women.  Dana and Leslie talk about ow to find appropriate mentors who are working with integrity and Leslie shares the importance of due diligence.

Leslie and Dana share their opinions on mastermind groups, and what they”ve gotten from them.

“We fall in love with the dream”
“What makes you something is when you realize ‘Hey, i know enough now to step out from behind the skirt and make my own stuff'”
“You only have influence when you distinguish the habit”
“You can be brilliant and not a very nice person”
“Leave your money in the car”
“If there’s a whole lot of people moving in one direction, and two or three going in the other, go with the two or three”
“Do your due diligence and remember: it’s business”

Get to know Leslie: