Kristy Heart

Kristy Heart is The Dominatrix Life Coach, getting you the bulletproof confidence you need to Dominate Your World…no safe word required.

As the underground’s confidential mentor to owning your personal power, Ms. Heart is a life-long entrepreneur, international award-winning problem solver, and real-life Dominatrix with 20 years of experienced dedication pushing the limits of self-improvement, behavioral psychology, and BDSM practitioning..

Episode Summary: 

Guess who’s back again? That’s right! The Inner Dominatrix Podcast warmly welcomes back Kristy Heart, the only recurring guest to date, to discuss a topic she is crazy about: Sexual Energy! What it means, where it comes from, and how to use it are just some of the places the topic takes Dana and Kristy today!

Dana and Kristy talk about what sexual energy is, and the perks to turning it on.  Both Kristy and Dana discuss how they’ve gone about learning more about sexual energy and the part it plays in each of their lives.

Kristy shares a story about her first experiences with sexual energy, and how she came to learn about attraction, as well as a time she was able to prove to herself that it worked.  Dana related her own journey and talks about living within two extremes of sexual energy.  They discuss celibacy and their own perspectives on it.  Kristy and Dana share tools to help explore and utilize sexual energy.

“When you shine that light bright, and you’re comfortable with your own sexual energy, you will find that it does magnetically draw money, love (of course), and all kinds of opportunities to you”
“As a woman this is part of your power”
“If I turn off that sexual energy, suddenly it’s just not as compelling”
“It’s Tangible, and yet it’s not something you can necessarily put your finger on”
“What thoughts do you have in your head as you approach somebody else”
“There is so much baggage and crap around sex”

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