Jo Casey

Jo Casey is an amazing entrepreneur. She is a certified coach, a speaker, and mentor. She is allergic to all of the bullshit circulating the marketing that surrounds coaching. Armed with an accent, an upbeat energy, and the ability to call it like she sees it, Jo aligns with Dana in the frame of mind that people need to release what doesn’t serve them and work to get themselves into a better place.

Episode Summary:
On this episode, Jo talks with us about old programming and how it can show up in business. She also talks about the types of people she enjoys working with the most.  Dana and Jo discuss marketing and how men differ from women in the ways that they approach it.

They talk about injecting your personality into your brand and business, and the benefit to speaking from your truth.  Jo shares some tools, mindsets and shifts that can help someone transition from a place of fear, to a place of moving forward.

Get to know Jo: