Tracey Minutolo

Tracey Minutolo is a side hustle coach. She works with people who already have a job and are looking to start a business on the side. Coming from a life of debt working her regular job, Tracey learned about the value of side hustles through listening to podcasts. She learned how to better manage her money, started a side business, and kicked debt out of her life. She still works her 9 – 5, and sees value in having a day job that she enjoys, but also loves the side hustle she’s created for herself.

Episode Summary:
Tracey shares her roundabout story: how she transitioned from working a job and living with debt, to becoming a side hustler and learning to live more comfortably.  She explains to Dana the initial steps she would take with someone who wants to begin a side hustle of their own.  Tracey stands up for day jobs, and talks about the importance of understanding why someone hates their job.  Dana and Tracey discuss the importance of action and trying ideas on to see if they are a fit. It’s better to be moving than sitting on indecision.

Get to know Tracey: