Rachel Alexandria

Rachel Alexandria is a leadership and power guide who helps rising leaders on their path through stories and transformational experiences. She worked as a licensed psycho-therapist for 9 years before fully embracing being a spiritual teacher and guide. She has written one best selling book, and is currently working on her second.

Episode Summary:

Rachel explains how she came about working to help people live drama free, and how she developed the skill set to be able to teach and guide people through it.  She shares a few stories and examples of times that she completely opted out of conflict by asking a simple question.  Dana asks about dealing with Narcissistic personalities, and Rachel breaks down some of the things to consider when dealing with difficult personalities.

Rachel equips listeners with some more tips and tools to deal with conflict, drama and difficult personalities.  Dana and Rachel discuss living int he present, and why it’s a much better way to approach life than trying to analyze ever situation.

Get to know Rachel: