Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas is the founder of The Intimate Lifestyle. Host of the podcast Modern Sex Talks, Ryan helps men build sexual confidence, deepen the intimacy in their relationships, and recover from sexual shame. After spending 11 years in the military and having some less than ideal relationships and sexual encounters, Ryan decided to dedicate his professional life to providing the information that he lacked in his sexual and intimate lifetime.

Episode Summary:

Ryan talks about his transition from the military into talking about sex an intimacy, as well as some of the issues he developed that lead to some pretty big realizations.  Dana and Ryan get into a discussion about anger, and the pros and cons of embracing anger versus repressing it. Ryan also explains different ways anger can show itself between the genders, and where anger can be used in a healthy manner.

Ryan explains the sexual manifestations of repressed anger, and how it can be linked psychologically to past instances of getting hurt, or having objections to certain aspects of your partner.  He also talks about things like rejection, and the part it can play is inhibiting your sex life.

Get to know Ryan: