Portrait of Dana Pharant, smiling, sitting on a park bench whilst wearing a red leather jacket

Dana Pharant is a transformational coach who uses dynamic tools for rapid change, her kick-ass energy, and ability to perceive, pinpoint and pop the problem limiting you, your body or your business while having fun.

Episode Summary:

Does this even belong to you? Or are you taking on someone else’s baggage? That’s the topic of today’s episode of the Inner Dominatrix Podcast. Dana talks listeners through the topic of intuition, how to find it and tune into it, as well as how it can be helpful in making decisions. Dana shares 3 tools to help you identify your “True North” and introduces the concept that not everything you’re feeling or experiencing even belongs to you. She also gets into matters of logic and the brain, and how it can actually hinder the process of intuitively finding your answers.