Monique Caissie

Monique Caissie is a “recovering doormat”. Monique works with people to get them out of that “doormat” state and into a place where they can deal with the people who drive them crazy. She shares strategies and resources to empower people to stand up, take control of their personal and professional lives and be appreciated. Monique is a speaker, author, consultant and coach, and she’s helping to reduce the level of conflict and increase collaboration.

Episode Summary:

Monique explains what was going on in her life when she identifies herself a s a “doormat”, she also talks about stress responses to anger, and how that played a role in shaping who she was at that time.  She describes how things started going once she began to develop the tools and knowledge surrounding her emotions, communication, and understanding other people’s reactions.

Dana and Monique talk about building foundational tools, and how starting off too high can actually hinder people when they’re first getting used to asserting themselves.  Monique shares some examples of things that people can say or do to avoid becoming a doormat is specific situations.  She also talks about relationships in general, and the nature of people. She finishes the episode off by sharing a resource with listeners of the podcast.

Get to know Monique: