Scott Doucet

Scott Doucet is a Podcast host, consultant and producer. With a background in radio, music, and sales, he is keen to help podcasters and aspiring podcasters make their shows stand out from the rest. Co-founder of the Facebook group, the Podcast Discovery Center, and host of Podcast Bay, Scott spends the majority of his time educating himself and others about what makes a solid podcast.




Episode Summary:

This episode, Dana is joined by Scott as he recounts the story of his Christmas, and his encounter with what he believes to be a narcissist.  He points out some of the narcissistic qualities that the person he met was displaying.  Dana then discusses the details about what makes a healthy narcissist versus when it becomes unhealthy and describes the narcissistic spectrum.  Dana talks about the charisma a lot of narcissists possess. She also gives some examples of to watch for in behaviors.  She also delves into the different types of attention narcissist crave.

Dana and Scott discuss the effects and impact of coaching and mentorship, and if business has any effect on the level of narcissism in someone’s personality.


“Not everyone has the capability of being a nice person”
“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”

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