Kristy Heart

Kristy Heart and Dana are at it again! 2 Dominatrix for the price of one on this episode of the Inner Dominatrix Podcast. Since her initial appearance on the show, Kristy Heart has been the most called upon guest to share the space with Dana as they discuss a multitude of topics and explain things in a way that only a dominatrix can.

Episode Summary:

Kristy and Dana dive right in to discussing energy, and how it can be projected from someone else, onto you.  They talk about various behaviors and games people play, as well as how people can attract negative things into their lives just be giving it space to manifest. They also discuss self judgment and the role it plays in holding a person back.

Dana and Kristy share tips and tools on confidence and how to work within it, they also describe what changes within the body when you start to feel and project more confidence.  They also get into the topic of the people you surround yourself with, and how they may react to your boost of self worth and confidence.

Finally Kristy and Dana sum up the episode, the tips, tricks, tools and strategies they’ve shared, as well as an invitation to join them live in Virginia Beach and Toronto in September and October.

Get to know Kristy: