David Gross

David Gross has been working, teaching and living in Asia for 33 years. Recognizing the importance of energy (or vibration), David realized that we possess the ability to control our energy in a manner that allows us to create our environment. Having experience with temple work in 7 different countries, David noticed a recurring theme: “How do I maintain my alignment, or inner calm, no matter what’s  around me?”, and has allowed it to become the focus of his 33 year practice.

Episode Summary:
David gives Dana a quick summary of who he is, how he came to be the person he is, and how he has come to understand energy.  He talks about trust, and the ability to be in a receiving state in order to gain insights and answers with greater ease than if one were to work hard at looking for them. He also points out the difference between being Mindful, and being open.

David talks a little about vulnerability, and how we have complete control over our actions and reactions in any given moment. He also talks about the things that happen to us, and what gifts we may receive if we are present and open to them.  He uses a music analogy to explain vibrational energy, and how you attract people and situations that belong to that level of vibration.