Janet Wise

Janet Wise has over 18 years of experience as an HR executive under her belt. She has a masters degree in Human Capital Development and experience with designing leadership programs for Fortune 500 companies. Her company is Wise Advantages, and she urges people to Be Branded, Be Brilliant, Be You.

Episode Summary:
Janet explains why she made the leap from Human Resources to helping people brand themselves. She describes the moment things became clear for her, how she made it happen, and why she does it.  She talks about developing leadership programs, and how she started noticing patterns surrounding the people who were being selected for these types of programs.

Janet talks about personal branding, and what it’s comprised of. She also goes into a little more depth about how someone can set themselves apart from their competition. She shares some insights about branding for entrepreneurs. She gets into target markets, and differentiating yourself in order to stand out and find the people you want to serve.

Get to know Janet: