Lyn Christian

Lyn Christian has gone from school teach, to a writer, product developer at Franklin Covey, from project manager to director of innovation. She has grown herself professionally and has raised three children in the process! She’s the CEO and Founder of Soul Salt Inc. Her quest is to support those who want to earn their living and live their lives by doing things that inspire them.

Episode Summary:

Lyn discusses the brain science behind unscrewing a person’s mind and locating what it is that holds true to them.  She shares a little about her upbringing, and explains how she started to find her own voice, and her own perspectives, and what gave her the power to become more of the person she truly is.

She describes a spiritual experience that she had, and explained that the more she aligned with her integrity, and figured out what that was, the more she opened up in her life.  Lyn also shares tools and tips on getting focused, why gratitude is important and how managing your strengths is crucial to living true.

Get to know Lyn: