Tammeron Karaim

Tammeron is a inspirational story telling business mentor who supports and guides entrepreneurs that are going through huge shifts in their business. She offers many personal stories about how she moved through her challenges and using spiritual and holistic practices so that others can stay in alignment.

Episode Summary

Tammeron begins by talking about Story telling, and how by finding the root of our internal stories we can move beyond things with more ease, instead of getting stuck as a result of the things we tell ourselves about who we are.

Dana and Tammeron touch on accountability, and needing a gentle nudge in order to move in the right direction more quickly than trying to do everything ourselves.

She explains archetypes, and relates back to a story about how she discovered her archetype, and how understanding what kind of person she really is helped her to propel beyond her beliefs about who she was.

Tammeron touches on money and abundance, and how she was able to link it to self worth issues she had in her past. She also talks about changing her inner dialogue and moving beyond her limitations before embarking on her new adventure.

She also talks about being in a boxing rin, and how surrendering to the moment, instead of trying to figure everything out, helped her to successfully maneuver within the ring and perform better.