Nancy Osborne

Nancy Osborne ran away at 17 to join the Army. The circus didn’t pay enough! She spent 20 years in the service, and then another 3 or 4 years flexing the creative side of her brain doing crafts, jewelry and carving. When The UN called her to go to work in some of the most dangerous places in the world, she jumped at the opportunity, and spent a few more years doing that!

Episode Summary

Dana Asks Nancy about her current projects since retiring, and how she’s managed to translate her knowledge and skills into tools that help women figure out who is trustworthy, who is safe, and who are predators. She explains that physical protection isn’t enough, and that the physical, psychological and emotional all play together. The entire point: Learning how to be on your own, and be great at it.

They discuss the #MeToo campaign and the positive impact it has been having on spreading awareness in relation to the frequency of sexual harassment. They also talk about the fine line between harassment and assault, and how women tend to downplay their experience.

Nancy describes a few actionable tools that women can use to spot predators. She explains “The Good Guy Filter”. She explains fight, flight and freeze defense mechanisms, and the validity of them. She also talks about body language, and the role it plays in camouflaging yourself from predators.

Dana closes off by talking a little more in depth about the #MeToo campaign, and Nancy shares a few ways that women can support one another in times of need.