Kristy Heart

Kristy Heart is The Dominatrix Life Coach, getting you the bulletproof confidence you need to Dominate Your World…no safe word required.

As the underground’s confidential mentor to owning your personal power, Ms. Heart is a life-long entrepreneur, international award-winning problem solver, and real-life Dominatrix with 20 years of experienced dedication pushing the limits of self-improvement, behavioral psychology, and BDSM practitioning..

Episode Summary: 

Join Kristy and Dana as they share how they met, how they differ, and their views on competition.  They get into how the role of dominatrix changed them as people, and what that energy has done for them.

Kristy talks about some of the challenges that accompanied stepping into the dominatrix space, while Dana and Kristy discuss negotiation and how being a dominatrix helped them develop that among other helpful skills.

Don’t miss when Kristy tells the story of how she found the dominatrix world!


“It requires growth. It almost forces it.”
“Sometimes in order to help people on a much higher level, you have to be the bad guy”
“It’s highly communicative and it requires trust and openness”
“Helping people to get around their own limitations that are all mental”
“I’m interested in opening somebody up and in helping them to be their best self and to show them that what I find in them is beautiful”
“This is more about connecting than controlling”
“When somebody comes to you with what they want, give them what they want, but then give them what they need”

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