Cat Stancik

There’s no such thing as a Mission Impossible to Cat Stancik, who is known for her tough love approach that gets clients into focused action so that they can get out of overwhelm and create big results with significantly less effort! She works with high achieving entrepreneurs who want to stop focusing on the glorified 6 and 7 figure marks, and finally enjoy a profitable, balanced business. Cat does this by leveraging her proprietary system, to simplify, strategize and systematize to an entirely new level.

Cat is the founder of Action Incubator™, a sought-after speaker, and Bestselling Author of 7 Principles for a More Productive and Fulfilling Life. As a self-proclaimed “Education Junkie” who genuinely cares about honing her coaching skills to get her clients better and bigger results, getting an MBA wasn’t enough for Cat Stancik. She’s also certified by The Coaches Training Institute, the Project Management Institute, and the Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment. She is also a long-time member of the International Coaching Federation, where she holds her ACC. She lives in Maryland with her two daughters and her adoring husband, who showers her with chocolate and massages (if he knows what’s good for him).

Episode Summary

Brace yourselves. This week “Dare to Be Dana” and her guest “Mission Impossible Cat” action all over everything to do with “Cat”-apulting your business into the dynamic profit explosion you are striving for. These real and raw bad asses breakdown the key components that most of us fail to execute when marketing ourselves. Developing a focused strategy that authentically embraces your strengths and actually repels people who are not your ideal clients may be somewhat terrifying but is critical to conversion success. Hold on to your bad asses, this is going to be good…

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