What exactly is feminine power?  You hear a lot of people talking about feminine energy or feminine power these days. There seem to be a lot of people, mostly women, talking about stepping into their power.  People are looking for ways to to go bigger and own their space.  From what I can see, there is a misconception about what what feminine power actually is and how to own that space.  I have seen a lot of women who are stepping into the masculine power and thinking that they are owning and claiming their space by getting into this push energy.

There is nothing wrong with masculine power/energy.  I repeat, there is nothing wrong with masculine power.  However, as women that can be especially draining for us.  We need to own and embrace our feminine side.  This video will give you some ideas on how you can achieve that.

The archetype of what a dominatrix is, for me, very similar to the goddess energy that people talk about.  The Dominatrix is a woman who is very confident in herself.  She walks into the room and commands a presence and attention without force.  She pulls people to her and her presence with confidence in who she is and it compels people.  The Dominatrix archetype is someone who negotiates with ease and commands high fees because she knows what she does is worth it and she steps into that space knowing that there is nothing wrong with her.

If you’ve followed me at all for a while, you’ll know that one of my themes is that there’s nothing wrong with you – you’re not fucked up.  Does that mean that you’re not going to choose to change?  No, you may see somethings that you could do differently and have an outcome that work better for you; but it’s not because you’re broken.  It’s not because there is something wrong with you.  You’re doing this because you want to grow and you want to get there faster.  You’re going to work with someone who knows; who’s already been that path and can take you there; side-stepping all of the figuring out and bumbling along.  But it’s not this space of “I’m fucked up. I’m broken. My money flows are fucked up” so you need this program. That Dominatrix energy is that space of knowing that things are working out and that you have total charge of your life.

Looking for more of that energy?  Looking to connect to it in a deeper way, maybe faster?  Then I would love to have a conversation about how to get there.  Reach out and message me.  Have a great day!