A few years back, I attended an event with a panel of very successful businesswomen including one of my own business idols, Arlene Dickinson. (Business-wise, Arlene Dickinson is incredibly successful and has accomplished many outstanding things.) While on stage, I remember her saying that in spite of her success and multi-million dollar earnings, she still feels inadequate. This struck me! Here we have a woman who, by standards of the world, is clearly successful. And yet, internally, she does not feel that nor does she feel that sense of self-confidence.

Now, I see this with my clients as well. Individuals who have reached heights of multiple six and seven figures and yet, they still feel inadequate. Many say, “I made half a million, but I did not make one million”. Or, “I have made a one million, but I have not made five million.”

This feeling of, “I am not quite there, or good enough,” has a lot of layers to it. At the core is this piece of, “It is not safe to trust my voice or feel comfortable in who I am and how I work.” Why? For women, in particular, there is a disconnect because business models are set up in a very masculine, structured, and regimented system. “Do this! Then this do this! Every. Single. Day.” While there is room for that, there is also a gift to the way women work in particular, which is a powerful advantage to the business world!

Use Your Gift

free yourself from feeling inadequate

Look, it does not have to work for women the way that it works for men. We can be equally successful in terms of money. If that is what you want, but we do not have to get there in the same way. In fact, by tapping into and using the gift of women’s flow (since we have a natural rhythm) we are able to work less and have more. But, this requires starting from this place of listening to your voice above all others, listening to your intuition, and trusting you above the gurus.

Let me be clear, this does not mean that you cannot make use of the experts out there who have gone before us. But only pull out the nuggets that are going to resonate with you. That really fits for where and who you are. That is what makes the difference, and it is crucial that you lean in and trust it.

Your Intuitive Knowing

Of course, there are layers of moving out our baggage and past programming. At the very core, you must start the process of really following your intuitive knowing. For the intuitive knowing is the feminine gift. Us as women, in particular, need to lean into this gift because it allows things to happen with so much more ease. As opposed to the push, the hustle and the grind (which burns us out).

So, what do you do? First, get to know your intuition and get to know your way of connecting with the divine (or God, or spirit or universe, whatever you choose to call it). I would highly recommend that you head over to InnerDominatrix.com and get yourself a free PDF copy of Badass Intuition. Then get started on the six-week training process designed to connect you to your intuition. It is good to lock into, hear, and follow your intuition because that is the core foundation for women in business. This builds the confidence that allows you to step into being the expert in who you are and what you do. Also, it allows you to understand what systems and structures are really going to work for you in your business. So head over, grab a copy of Badass Intuition to get started on the process and journey of you becoming the badass in business that you were born to be!

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