Have you ever hit that loop where no matter what you try, how many tools you use you just can’t seem to shake out of the negative thought patterns and lack of flow in your life?

I get it and have been there many times myself. In fact just two weeks ago I was there and had been there for about a month. I am really good for using my tools, but sometimes even I need help.

I likely would have eventually gotten my head out of my ass by myself, however I was sick of it taking so long so I reached out to another facilitator and signed up for a month of support one on one.  This has created a huge shift in my energy, and my finances. Woo Hoo!  In fact in just 24 hours things had begun to shift and clients had started to call again to work with me.

One of the biggest revelations for me was that opened was the awareness for me about just how many beings or things there are that are interfering with me and my world. In fact trillions.

Now the super cool thing is that because of all the clearing I have done up to this point, when I had that awareness come in my first thought  was “wow, I am even more powerful than I thought if they feel they need to send that many beings to keep me down”.

The awesome part about signing up for a package instead of one off sessions which is more my style is that I am getting to experience the deep level of support that I know I give my clients. And it rocks!

It has been only a few days and I can honestly say I have pulled in the same amount in sales as I spent on the coaching package. This is just the beginning and I am so excited to see how much more shows up now.

Here are the amazing tools that I have been playing with to get unlocked. These will go a long way to getting your head out of your ass and feeling more like you.

  1. Ask “Who am I being?” – get the energy then ask “How much of that is not even mine?” – get the energy then give it a big blast to send it out.
  2. Check in “how much outside influence is at work here?” – breath and get the energy on that and then blast it.
  3. Invite in 1000% of you – both body & being- to be totally in your body. Breathe it in all the way to your toes.

If you have worked with me recently you will know that I take these tools even further since I am able to really guide people in to stepping into more of them, more energy and kicking out all the “outside” influences at work so you get out of being a victim to any of it.

If you who are tired of waiting and DIY-ing it, ready to make a huge jump out of the crap and looping into more of you, more fun and of course more money flows. Then lets have a chat about what is holding you back and map out a plan to make some radical changes.  Click here to schedule a time.