If only the marriage of the masculine and the feminine energy could be this clear and defined. If only there was a simple ceremony to align the energies in my body to perfect harmony. Finding the ebb and flow of who is in charge at what time. Alas, no.

Instead, I have waffled and wavered; moving from too much masculine to too much feminine. Each time creating a different type of wonky energy in my universe and in my business, not to mention my money flows. I can get all caught up in the masculine “get shit done” energy, moving from task to task until I fall into bed exhausted and depleted. Only to rise the next day with a list that was even longer than the day before with all that I think I need to accomplish.

Then when I have determined that I am ‘doing’ more than ‘being’, I will flip over and be in my flow energy, the divine feminine. Feeling the presence and the gift that is everywhere and in everything. It is magical and wondrous and so flowing.  Until…I look at my bank balance and notice that the money has been flowing in one direction: OUT!

Back to the Masculine, get shit done, promote like a mad woman, pull in money and clients. Yay! The bank account has the flow inwards, which is great but I am now depleted once again. This flip flop was my modus operandi for decades, spending long periods in my masculine until I was completely drained and then recharging with weeks or maybe months in the feminine while draining my bank account.

It was as if they shared the same house but neither could stand the other so they would not be in the house at the same time. Over the last year I have intentionally committed to making this marriage work. I let myself become the marriage counselor who then allowed each party to appreciate the other, seeing their strengths, and finding a mutual admiration for one another. Once that was in place then it was time for negotiation of the delineation of responsibilities. Who is better at what and when?

To recognize that some items are solo responsibilities and some are shared. In fact, many are shared and that one energy leads. For instance, making a list of what needs to be done is “get shit done” energy. However, determining what order or if it needs to be delegated out is “intuitive flow” energy.  So the masculine leads with the what, then hands it over to the feminine for sorting and prioritizing because she can view it with the bigger picture in mind instead of only what is right here right now.

This is the blending of the masculine and feminine to support one another, enhance one another and create something together that is far beyond what each could do alone. This is one of the things that I love about the Dominatrix as an Archetype. She holds the balance, the perfect marriage of the masculine and feminine.  She must be laser focused in the session, while also utilizing the energy and being mindful of client triggers and desired outcomes.

She holds this out for us to attain in our lives and in our businesses. This is what stepping into your Inner Dominatrix is about. Finding that balance and making things work for you.

When you are ready to claim your Inner Dominatrix and have life and business work FOR you, then schedule your consultation call.