Warning!  This article may offend you.

I am going to be really bold here and likely challenge your reality with this article, but it is time that we talk about the elephant in the room.

Karma is BS!

Karma is the “new agers” version of religious guilt. Religions use heaven and hell as motivators to get people to “do good” and the “new agers” use Karma, they are the same thing just different words. In my view it is no more enlightened than the religious take on things. It is still instituting a system where you see yourself as not good enough. You have to keep coming back until you get it right. This sounds kind of like a punishment to me.

It is full of judgment and keeps people stuck in the lower vibrations of consciousness. Especially when they use it in the context of “karma is going bite you in the ass”.



What if we start to challenge that belief a wee bit?

Is Karma a real thing, or is it another system that was created to keep us small and confined?

What if it was actually made up to keep you confined and re-incarnating under a pretense that you need to “get it right”? What if the beings that created that construct do not have your best interest at heart but you just bought into the idea that they do?

If you like the Karma thing and it is working for you, then by all means please keep it. However, if you are anything like me and the Karma thing has never quite felt right and you couldn’t quite put your finger on it then you may want to consider uprooting that old outdated limiting belief.

  • How much freer would your life be if you were to let go of Karma and all of its insidious judgments?
  • What if everything you did was just a choice you made and was neither right nor wrong?
  • If everything you did was measured by : did that take me towards or away from where I want to go?

Moving into consciousness requires a release of judgments. This includes the judgments we have of ourselves, and it is way easier when we eliminate the judgmental systems that activate our self punishment in the first place.

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