Lead your company to new heights! It is not as straightforward as it may seem though. Ever got snagged and procrastinate over some issue? Maybe it’s just a problem of weeding out your garden.

No, I have not changed gears! I am talking about the garden of your mind. While writing this, I am looking out at my actual garden, and there are these little baby weeds starting to grow above the soil. The funny thing about weeding is that if I were to do it today, the task itself would not be that cumbersome! However, that would require me to rearrange my schedule and dedicate some time to my garden. The easier thing is to put the task off. However, if I ignore my garden, and the baby weeds grow their stubborn roots, the task becomes onerous! What would once require a little tug would need two hands and clippers or shears. The same is true for your mind.

Regularly weeding out the little pieces that nag at you will prevents your mind from becoming an overgrown garden of weeds! So back to my question, how often are you weeding your “emotional” garden? As business owners and leaders, upkeep your emotional garden will uplevel yourself and your business. So, here are a few DIY tips to help you weed your emotional garden!

*** As always, these are incredibly helpful tools, but I always encourage you to work with a trusted advisor as they have that bird’s eye view of your mental, emotional state, and the process will be faster.

Find your patterns!

Whether you do this daily, weekly, or monthly, start journaling AND reading through your previous entries on a consistent basis! Be sure to document your wins, what you have learned, and what are you currently struggling with. As you do this more, you will be able to identify patterns.

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Uncover your mind’s own game

If, for example, you always mention your frustration with a staff member who always drops the ball, this is an indication that you need to deal with your frustration! However, this is easier said than done.

Logically, if your staff member constantly drops the ball, you would typically solve this problem by talking to them, providing instructions, reprimanding their behavior, or fire them, right? Well, why have you not done this? Your mind is holding onto something that you need to uncover in order to take the next steps.

To uncover this, ask yourself, “What is my gain, and why am I hanging onto this person?” and write down the answer. Then ask yourself, “What am I gaining by leaving this situation here?” and write it down. More on dealing with those mangy mutts in your company can be found here.

Your mind will fight you on this

We have interesting little subconscious reasons that prevent us from letting go of situations or people that bother us. In this example, though this person drops the ball, they might be your biggest cheerleader, or maybe they remind you of a parent! (This is very common.) So, on a subconscious level, you do not want want to fire them because that represents firing your parent! The key is, you need to discover WHY this person has such a hold on you.

I know this is not logical and at first, your brain will not answer the questions. How do I know? I see this with my clients all the time. However, as I hold space for them to go a little bit deeper, the weird illogical subconscious reason always comes to light!

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Separate the pieces

Once you can identify the reason and realize that no, this person is not actually my parent, you get to separate the emotional connection. Then ask yourself, “Does this situation or this person’s behavior work for me or does it not work for me?” Then you will have clarity, and can actually solve the problem.

Advantages of weeding your mental garden

You will quickly identify any hindrance that prevents you from leading your company, then address it in a healthy and quick manor. By default, you will naturally up-level! So hopefully, these DIY methods help provide some relief and clarity! There are definitely other DIY methods, but start by journaling, and just see what comes up! When you are ready to have a trusted advisor on your team who can see from the outside and really move you fast and effectively I am happy to have a conversation with you! Head over to www.bookDana.in and schedule your consultation.