In general, people assume that by being a Dominatrix, it is very easy for you to accept gifts from other people.  By gifts, I mean their adoration, help/assistance, etc.  However, accepting continual service or affection for an hour or more without a break can be extremely difficult.

We, as humans, are taught to give of ourselves; giving our love, our time, our energy to others.  And, especially women, are conditioned to expect nothing or very little in return for the large effort put forth in the giving.

One of the things I hear a lot from my client is that they want more – more money, more joy, more love, more time.  Within the framework where we must give, receiving is difficult.  You have to learn how and be open to granting permission to yourself to receive and allow others to give to you.

How do you master Receiving?

Any time that you can allow yourself the freedom to enjoy the beauty and pleasure that surrounds you.  By that, I mean that you need to take the time to carve out time for yourself, even if it’s just 10 minutes at a time.  In that time, you can paint your toenails, read a book or go for a walk.  The point is that you have to put in the effort to exercise your receiving muscle.

Maybe you’ve never given yourself the room before to receive.  Maybe you’ve tried and found it uncomfortable.  It’s going to challenge you – working a new “muscle” always requires work and feels different.  Sit with it for a while.  The goal is to be uncomfortable.  You can be uncomfortable with what you know and unhappy or you can be uncomfortable and make a breakthrough.

Let me know how you do with the short exercise in the video.  I think the results will amaze you.