He’s perfect.  Handsome, charming and a great conversationalist.  They’ve swept you off your feet the perfect food, conversation, attention and sex.  You have become the starring attraction in your own castle.  At least until your castle walls came crumbling down and all of that attention disappeared.  But at the eleventh hour, the Prince (or Princess) came back to save you so it was a happy ending …. for now.

Narcissists.  (Because that’s what that example really is; not your prince/princess charming.)  It’s important to me that you understand that the whole purpose of a narcissist is to feed off your energy and resources until they are gone and you have nothing left to offer them.  Narcissists can do a lot of damage and I see it over and over again.  They don’t really fall in love with you.  Remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

As far as I am concerned, this is the worst kind of deception.  Narcissists do some basic research on you to establish what your preferences are but their goal is to shift you, very quickly, from the bait to hooked on them.  They want you absolutely addicted to their affections and attentions.  Once they have you, they put less and less into maintaining that spider web of lies that is supposedly their affection and attention.  It takes so much energy for them to maintain it, that they won’t keep it up for the long run.  Most narcissists become abusive once you’re hooked.  It’s easier and faster for them to get the energy and resource they’re looking for from you that way.

Then there’s the day where you almost get yourself free and work yourself out of their hold. ~!*WHAM*!~ They draw you right back into the warmth and sunny side of their talent and such you back in.  They, essentially, detonate a love bomb to keep you coming back for more in a calculated and carefully designed plan; one that uses your emotions and hopes against you.

If you find yourself involved with someone and it seems perfect; the relationship is moving along quickly and they seem like the best suited person for you ever; take a minute and check in with yourself.  You need it.  Step back into your own personal power.  Step into your Inner Dominatrix and find out what is really a good fit for you long-term.  Standing in your power this way, keeps you firmly anchored and tethered to reality.  No one can suck you into a rabbit hole of despair and destruction when you come from a position of power.

You do not need anyone to complete you.  You are perfect and whole; just as you are.