Advanced Self Clearing


MP3 Download of Advanced Self Clearing


MP3 Download of Expanding your Capacity to Receive



Instant MP3 download of the Advanced Self Clearing process.

This recording walks you through getting untangled from the energy of manipulation that likes to come in to mess with our awareness leading us away from what we know and down the path of feeling out of sorts.

If you have downloaded the Self Clearing (freebie), this clearing will take things deeper.

It is a valuable tool to have on hand any time you are feeling off or not you.

Bonus Recording!

You also receive a downloadable copy of the recording to expand your capacity to receive.

We often cut ourselves off from other and from joy as well as money by not allowing ourselves to receive fully.

This recording will help you to shift things so that you are much more open to the flow of life and receiving everything that is open to you.


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