Email Consultation


Your chance to pick my brain!



Have some burning questions that you want to pick my brain on?

I have extensive experience in business, as a former dominatrix, being a Master Healer and being that go to gal for decades.  I love helping people to find solutions and I know not everyone can or needs in depth sessions with me so this is a fantastic option if you have a few things you want to get some clarity on.

Here is the budget way to get to ask me anything.

How it works? – after you purchase this email consultation product then you will email me up to 4 questions which I will respond to within 48 hours.  Please provide a short background or information that I will need to answer the questions in depth for you. Make note of this email address info AT to send your questions to.

Boundaries – this is a one off email from me. If you find you have further questions then I invite you to either purchase this again or set up a live consultation so that we can cover everything


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