Efficiency is key on how to run your business effectively. I am willing to bet money that you too often make salvageable mistakes that cost you thousands of dollars with a tremendous toll to your body. Why is this? The answer: Being inefficient while dealing with obstacles and reacting in a much bigger way than the situation actually calls for. Here’s the thing, we as business owners will always juggle obstacles. However, the way we respond may cause some unneeded stress and money. Let me share an example with you.

I have a friend who is an incredibly successful business owner. Recently, she discovered a bill that was overcharged by $150. She jumps on the phone and spends two hours with a supplier, creating frustration, stress, and boils over her anger. Now, friend charges $500 an hour. She just inefficiently used her time by wasting a $1,000 worth of billable hours while spiking her adrenaline in an unhealthy manner attempting to recover $150. The physical worth of your body is huge because the more you are stressed out, the less time your body is able to recover and heal. Clearly, this is a major inefficiency.

Address problems efficiently

No matter the size, every single company wants to make more money. Obviously, it is important that we spend time trying to increase sales, let that sexy side of the business shine. However, it is equally important to address the time draining, soul sucking inefficiencies, and that needs to happen right now!

Run Your Business Effectively

As your company grows, the obstacles always grow right along with it and typically at a bigger scale. The inefficiencies of how you deal with problems now will play a major role in how you deal with future complications such as confrontations, to partake in difficult conversations. It is imperative that you have the ability to NOT get emotionally invested, lean in and say, “Big deal. It is $150”. Then address whether that is a one time charge that (in my friends case) should just be let go or given to a team member to handle. In a more obvious way, there will be times that the obstacles are on a more grand level, and you will need to address it yourself. Remember to overcome the inefficiency of overreacting to the situation and use your time wisely.

How to not overreact:

Often, I see my clients get triggered by something relatively simple and they are stuck wondering, “Why am I responding to this? It is such a petty little piece!” Well, that petty little piece is actually triggering from something bigger that has not been addressed. I help people dig in and find the real reason that is causing the dismay. In my friend’s example, the $150 overcharge was not the real issue. Maybe being overcharged triggered her frustrations about not being seen, validation being overlooked, or not being appreciated. It could be any of those things, whatever it is that needs to be addressed at a deeper level so when similar situations arise, she can just move into action instead of getting caught up in the emotions!

Run Your Business Effectively

How do you do this? Here are two DIY tricks!

1.) Grab your journal and just write!

Get all your anger out, “I am so pissed off that they did this because…” This will start to allow you to release some of the emotions of the trigger problem so that you can deal with it.

To address the deeper issue, ask the question, “What is this triggering? What is this poking at?” And just keep writing. Now this might take you a little bit longer (days or weeks) to dig in and pull that out on your own. So there is a bit of a time commitment.

2.) Breathe into it.

Simply breathing into it and saying, “I am willing to let this go. I am willing to let this not be a big deal,”  will release that emotional upheaval from your system. (Which is often called the emotional charge.) Releasing that from the system allows you some freedom while also opening up a new perspective with having the ability to see new ways of dealing with and addressing the current situation.

Run Your Business Effectively

As leaders, it is a requirement that we think outside the box to creatively solve problems. But, we cannot do that when we are revved up — and that is the salvageable mistake that inefficiently costs you money and time! This is why I am a huge proponent of preventative work! This will not only help chill you out when revved up, but also prevent the adrenaline spike in the first place. So, solve the real problems before little things set you off! Lean into that, and let me know how it goes!


  1. There is a problem that many business owners do that is costing a lot of money. Dealing with small things and making them big problems.
  2. Here is an example
  3. So, we need to solve it! Note that it’s never what you originally think it is, the small thing is not what triggers you. There is a deeper reason, and we need to get that out.
  4. To do so DIY
    • Grab your journal, get all of the anger out
    • Breathe, drop in, willing to let this go. This will let you let go of the emotional charge. This will enable you to actual address what is going on and move on.
  5. The thing is, as leaders, we need to be creative and think outside the box. But we cannot do that when we are revved up. This is why I am a huge proponent of preventative work. This will help chill you out when revved up, but let’s get ahead of it, solve the real problems before little things set you off. That will save you lots of money

That was the DIY method. If in any case you want an easier and more efficient route, I am here to help you get over that hurdle in your business. Head over to www.bookDana.in and let’s talk or you can check out my new baby, The Mentorship Program.