Over the years, I’ve encountered many lines that lead to self-help programs, books and speakers. There is an entire business model built around the idea that there is something wrong with you. I find this frustrating and exasperating. You’re here, on my list – YOU are not broken. Let me repeat that for you.


Maybe you have things in your past you could clear away, but we all do – it’s not unique to you. The self-help world has created an art form out of convincing you that you have to buy into the loop of “…. until I fix something that is inside of me, I am never going to make money – I’m not going to allow abundance into my life….” and I have to tell you, that has nothing to do with making money.

The law of attraction really does not apply at all to becoming affluent. Thinking a negative thought for 15 seconds will not disrupt your cash flow. Clearing your baggage or clearing your fears, while still probably good for you, has no effect on the number of zeros in your bottom line. What will affect your outcome and success is your faith, belief, in yourself and your own ability to make money. Look around you in life. There are people with big names, really big names, that probably have not cleaned up their internal shit but they have a lot of money because they believe they deserve it and know how to make it.

Want to be more like that big name person, at least financially? Then you need to make the decision to take the stand, take the steps and commit to going for your goal. You have to put things into place and motion so that you have action and move forward. You’re not broken, but maybe you’ve bought into the self-help world party line previously and have been holding yourself back. Isn’t it time that you choose for you? Choose to have money, success and freedom in spite of being broken. Welcome the opportunity for wealth into your life.

You’re not fucked up and broken – that’s not why you can’t create your life. In fact, I would love to see you give up the idea that you’re broken completely. Turn off that monkey mind and move forward with me.

If you want to step into your power and get away from these loops that don’t help, join me in my upcoming semi-private group.