I am sorry that my reaction has caused you to feel that way. It would be good for you to explore why you feel that way.


So let me get this straight, my brand triggers you and you think you are being a super spiritually enlightened being by projecting it back on me and refusing to own it or have a conversation that could shift YOUR sh*t and mine at the same time?


I wish this was a one-off incident, but sadly this happens way too often.

We might call it gaslighting or even spiritual bypassing but let’s simplify it and just say you are not walking your talk!

I see this over and over with those who have been through systems (most often Landmark or Access Consciousness) and instead of going the distance with it to dig deep, they want the pieces that make them comfortable so they can run around feeling like blissed out bunnies all the time.

And if they need to only feel the bliss, then they have to project their crap on you and me.

I don’t look at what people say, I look at what they do.

  • Can you show up when it gets messy?
  • Can you hold space when it feels like the earth is breaking apart under your feet and you may be swallowed whole at any moment?
  • Can you lean into that pain, surrender to ALL that life holds for you?

I swear that my time in the dungeon was the greatest teacher for this, allowing myself to relax into the pain, surrendering to it so that it can transform into the most incredible gift of true bliss and deep transformation.

I spent so many years attempting to control how much pain i felt, which meant I felt nothing on the surface. Numb to the joy, numb to the beauty.

I thought I would get stuck in the pain if I let myself acknowledge it and feel it.

It is still surprised how quickly it dissipates by simply opening up and welcoming the pain. Letting it be loved and welcomed.

It took so much energy to hold it back all the time. It sucked the life out of me.

Am I a blissed out bunny?

Hell NO!

I feel all of life, I welcome it in, transform it, use it!

Walk away from people and programs that constantly point blame you for their reactions or tell you that you just need the next course to fix that problem you have.


I promise you.

Change because you want to!

Go to that workshop because it is fun.

Go for that big goal because of who you will need to become in order to make it happen.

Hire that coach because they hold the fucking space for you to see just how awesome you really are!




P.S. And my apologies to all who I did this to when I was in my phase of a spiritually bypassing triggered a-hole.