Back in 2012, I had a good size business with 6 local staff and two overseas we were pulling in the money and had products flying out the door.

The problem….was me….I was not holding anyone accountable in my store and I often would hire based on the fact that so and so needed a job instead of hiring for the best fit for me, my business and the prospective employee.

Not a highly recommended course of action, eventually we had too much staff, way too much inventory and fuck ups happening on a way to regular basis.

The short of it was that I had to undergo a massive restructuring. Laying off all the staff, cutting the space to 1/4 and working out arrangements with all my suppliers – some of who are still made at me today.

This could have sent me into a tailspin, diving into how much I fucked up, how wrong I was, how much everyone let me down, and ….well you get the picture.

Luckily, I had some great support and some fantastic tools to get me through all of that with ease. I choose to step out of any wrongness in me or it and keep moving forward with action.

It was not without effort, I will never say that. I worked crazy long hours for 7 days a week in the 4 months that was required to get my sinking titanic into a few lifeboats.

The addiction to being wrong is very prevalent in this world. I see people all the time who default to “what did I do wrong?” and “what do I need to fix here?”.

Neither of these kinds of thinking are kind or helpful.

My take on things is that there has never been anything wrong with you. There is nothing you “need” to fix.

Go ahead and make changes because you feel like it or it is fun, but leave out the necessity of it. If there was nothing wrong with you would you let go of being mean to yourself?

If you are not ready to jump into the idea that nothing is wrong with you, then I would love for this to be a seed on your journey. A seed that will grow and eventually become total acceptance for you, just the way you are.


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