“When the hell are you going to stop giving discounts or taking on clients that you know are not a good fit? When the hell are you actually going to stop this crap?”

Here is the hard truth… Until you are willing to trust yourself and make you the source of the expertise, you will always end up back in this scenario. You are going to have to do the deeper work in order to lean in and create a business that works for you. Meaning you have to stop giving discounts when it’s not appropriate! (Maybe even stop giving discounts altogether because many things can and often will go wrong when you do!) You will also have to stop taking on clients out of fear of not having enough.

stop the bad business practices

Now, I too, have been in the situation when a business coach or strategist comes along and says… “Do not ever fucking discount!” But all I could think, “Oh, that is all good, but I need to pay the rent this month so… I am just going to take on this one client and they are going to pay me $1,000 instead of $2,000 so I can make rent!”

Make Space for Better Clients

But here is the problem. When you know the strategy (do not give a discount) but do not actually implement it, nothing will ever change. So, you need to address the piece inside of you clinging to fear in order to get to a place where you can trust yourself. When you fire that pain in the ass client, you actually make space for a better client to come in!

Let me be very clear here, this is not some law of attraction blah, blah, blah! No! This is the reality that I have witnessed over and over again for myself. And for every single one of my clients — without fail, sometimes within five minutes! But I promise you that if you still have clients on your roster that are a pain in the ass, or they have talked you into giving them discounts and are now a pain in the ass, you will never move forward!

stop the bad business practices

Why? Here is the hard truth, because YOU caused the problem. As soon as you gave them the discount, you stopped trusting yourself, gave up being the expert, and stopped being the source creating the life and the business that you desire!

Time for Some Changes

If this is the first time reading my blog, as you can see, I am not one for playing with small little concepts and micro-changes to inch you along. No! I get in there and guide you to change things at the root of the problem. I know change is one of those scary words. However, until you lean into the discomfort and make peace with it, you will not change.

This is where I pull from my dominatrix world. Leaning into the pain and turning it into something pleasurable created massive changes for me. I lifted 20 years of depression with two sessions in the dungeon. Now not everybody wants to go there, but this idea of leaning into what is uncomfortable and doing that within a safe container is transformative. (A container is an energy space that somebody else holds so that you can relax.)

stop the bad business practices

Do the Inner Clearing

The minute that you are willing to let go of the things that do not work for you, followed by actually letting go of the attachment, you make space for something better to come in! Gradually, you will start building that trust muscle, and it will become a little easier each time!

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I would really love to invite you to start stepping into what I call your inner dominatrix energy. That place where you are the expert, you get to be the one who has the final say in all your business and life decisions, and you are willing to trust you. It’s a process. It’s a journey. And I welcome you to take that journey with me because it is spectacular. If you are ready, head over to bookDana.in, and schedule your consultation.