Every single time we make a sales call, there is danger lurking around the corner.

As business owners, we have all been programmed and conditioned to think about generating more sales.

Lack of sales is the problem with my business! So, I need more sales! I. really. need. more. sales!

But you do not need more sales, you need the right sales.

Every single time we make a sales call there is a danger lurking around the corner — the potential to take on an ill-fitting client. Either a client that you cannot serve or, the pain in the ass client that sucks up your time and prevents you from taking on additional clients or working on larger projects. As business owners, we must always consider how a new client can affect the rest of our business. If taking them on as a client can create problems, you must be willing to say no. If you do not… these clients are the ones that cause the lawsuit and create disruption amongst your company.

One bad apple can ruin the whole bunch

Yes, this is an old saying, but it rings true. Here is a little story about one of my clients.

business woman in the office

My client offered a course, and in a rush to get more sales, she did not screen the participants. Throughout the course, one of the participants caused a ruckus. Certainly dominated the other participants, and sucked up most of her time. At the very end of the course, this participant demanded a refund. Even after all of the information had been consumed.

Unfortunately, it gets worse! My client did not agree to a refund, so the participant went to the credit card company. And guess what? Got a full refund! Scary, right? It does not end there. The participant then stirred the pot throughout this business community which lost my client’s current and potential customers.

She was finally able to reach a very costly end. After spending hours on the phone with the credit card company submitting documentation. Plus, working through this emotional angst during her personal coaching sessions with me. An end that could have been avoided. Only if she was able to look past needing to find more sales and instead look for the right sales.

I am going to hold out for the right people to come along and not take on any of the wrong people.

As business owners, we need to cultivate the willingness to say that. The willingness to say no to the wrong sales requires a certain mindset, an internal stance. That is where the inner work comes in.

The positive impact of the right sales

Business woman bringing positive impact to the office

By saying no to ill-fitting clients, we open up space for the right clients. Especially in group programs, bringing in the right clients will allow every participant to have an amazing experience causing a positive ripple effect. By simply letting go of a few instant dollars, you will gain free marketing, a tremendous number of testimonials, and raving fans. All of which you will get to leverage in future sales.

So the danger lurking in every sales call is the possibility of saying yes to that ill-fitting client! Hopefully, this shined a little light and you are willing to say no to the clients that are not a good fit. If not, and you would like a trusted advisor on your team to hold the space, keep you accountable, and moving forward head over to www.bookDana.in we can shine a light on what is stopping you from saying no and growing your business.