I stumbled on this recently and I was so impressed with the story that I had to share it with you.

She did not intend to go global with this and although she is not rolling in the dough from it (yet), she is making a huge splash in the world and getting people to rethink how we are fashioning dolls for our children.

Watch this lovely video to see the transformation of the used dolls to something remarkable and heartwarming.

I love how she takes over sexualized dolls, and transforms them into dolls that look more like real children and how much they come alive.

I was never one to play with dolls as a girl myself but maybe if they had this kind of look I might have had that pull towards it.

If you enjoyed that you may want to check out Sonia’s tumbler page for more amazing pictures of these dolls who are brought to life by her hands. Almost a Pinochio story. http://treechangedolls.tumblr.com/

What is your talent or gift that you are sharing with the world? 

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