To all of those who are claiming to be experts, claiming to know how to market your business and navigate during a pandemic, I have to call bullshit on this! Nobody alive has lived through a pandemic. Yes, we’ve been through adversities and massive restructurings such as the 2008 market crash and 9/11 (my goodness, 20 years later people are still talking about the impact of that) but we have never been through a worldwide pandemic.

The Gift of Surrender

Things are changing minute by minute (literally minute by minute) and we do not know the effects. So, if you are looking for a business expert to guide you and your company through these trying times, hoping to receive step-by-step directions on how to get through this, you may want to think again. Relying on any kind of “expert” to steer you through times that are completely unknown might be a little insane. Through intuition training you can be your own expert and run your business in a way that leads to more money.

Why don’t we trust ourselves?

Instead, It is time for you to be trusting you. It is time for you to go within for your wisdom, guidance, and expertise. It is time for you to tune into Universe/God/Source, or whatever you want to call it (I don’t care what you call it) and get reconnected. We cannot be doing the push, hustle and grind anymore. So if you’re going to try to do business as usual, as it was prior to the pandemic, it’s not going to fucking work because the world will have changed.

But, this leaves an opening for those of us that are shifting our businesses to work on a conscious method. Businesses that attract clients through collaborative heart-based methods that comes from a deeper place and not just from the, “I need to make money!” place. To run a conscious business, your business has to be aligned, and that starts with getting into the space of trusting you.

Why don’t we lean in?

There are a couple of reasons as to why we don’t trust ourselves and why we don’t rely on our intuition (even though it’s always been right).


We’ve been programmed and conditioned to believe that in order to succeed, we must find an expert and model them. You know what? Back in 1920, finding an expert and modeling them worked. But along the way, as things sped up, this tactic became less and less effective. In 1920 the world wasn’t changing dynamically and dramatically day by day. It was moving very slowly. So, experts were able to test and tweak theories across many platforms, and once they got it right they created systems so that others could model them. But these days things are happening and changing by the second. Experts aren’t allotted the time to test and tweak. So, in order to trust ourselves, we must change our conditioning and let go of the idea that an expert can guide us. It isn’t working anymore, it’s an old system and paradigm that is moving out.


Image of person in suit with a head exploding in ideas and colours. Resist judgment and the idea of "getting it wrong".

We resist judgment and the idea of “getting it wrong.” This is the deeper piece because it causes us to be unwilling to drop into alignment, surrender, trust and go with that bigger picture. Look, you are going to be judged every time you do something differently, whether you are doing it “right” or doing it “wrong”. So, if you know that there is nothing right or wrong in anything that we can choose, why would we resist “being wrong”?

Resisting judgment and resisting the idea of “getting it wrong” is a deeper programming that oftentimes caused by past trauma or things that we’ve picked up genetically, epigenetically, and from a society that tends to hang onto their trauma. These are all imprints that can get stuck in our system and are running subconsciously without us even being aware of it.

Alignment comes from you trusting you! Knowing that you are who you really are at the core, which is an infinite being having a human experience. Being able to drop into that, allows you to run your business in a way that is playful and fun. As a result, this always leads to more money.

At the core that is a lot of what I do. I really get in and change the programming at the core, change what’s going on in your brain, change what’s going on in your subconscious and reconnect you on an energetic level so that you can actually trust yourself. You can tune in to those messages and get that inspiration that’s really going to spark things and grow your business.

Lean in to Trust You

"Trust your Gut" No one can tell you how to market your business and navigate during a pandemic, except for yourself.

So, if you haven’t picked up a FREE COPY of my book Badass Intuition yet, you can get started right away with your intuition training. Head over to for the six-week boot camp that’ll really drop you into getting the base tools for locking into your intuition. Allow yourself the opportunity to tap into a perspective that is far beyond what you’re currently thinking.

And that’s really what you need… as opposed to relying on experts who are just flapping their lips, saying they know how to handle a crisis — this crisis. Though some may have great advice, if it’s not in alignment with who you are and you’re just following them because they seem to know what they’re doing (and that’s going to ‘bring you the money’) that’s when it fails. It’s not that their advice isn’t valuable, it’s in applying steps that are not in alignment for you that actions will fail. No one can tell you how to market your business and navigate during a pandemic, except for yourself. The secret to success is you’ve got to get into alignment first and then lean into your intuition.

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