This video put on by Ikea touched me and expresses something I have often said about Christmas and families so I could not resist putting it into a blog post for you.

I grew up not celebrating Christmas and that gave me a very different outlook on the holiday. I tend to see more of the consumerism of the holiday and very little of the warm fuzzy things that many talk about with fondness in their memories.

I hope this commercial touches your heart and soul and gets you to look at things a little differently this season.

What if you gave the gift of you this holiday? What if you stopped the purchasing madness and looked within.

What if our kids have been conditioned to ask for “stuff”, and what if they ask for that because they think some magical being is bringing them what they ask for?

I would love your comments. Did this video change you?

If you are finding it hard to unravel from the “have to’s of the holidays” and would like more ease around this, feel free to reach out for a session with me.