It is 7am and your phone alarm goes off, waking you from the blissful slumber. You reach for your phone hovering for a moment between snooze and stop. 

You take a deep breath and hit the stop button, pushing back the covers in the hopes of removing the temptation of drifting off to sleep again.

There is much to do today, so you swing your legs over the edge of the bed and push yourself up into your morning routine.

As you splash some water on your face to assist you to wake up, your alarm suddenly goes off again.

WTH? That is weird.

You retrieve your phone, shut off the alarm and return to your morning rituals.

In the kitchen you prepare your coffee, lift the cup and breath in the warm rich aroma anticipating the first sip of java  when your phone alarm goes off once again.

WTF???? This is getting annoying.

You shut off your alarm once again and then spend the next 10 minutes digging through every setting to see what is causing your phone to act up.

Finding nothing, you return to your coffee which is now lukewarm. You missed out on that glorious first sip of hot coffee because of that damn alarm.

Humph! You will have to nuke it now!

30 seconds in the microwave and your coffee is piping hot again but it is hard to really enjoy it this time. The moment is gone.

Mildly frustrated you move on, time to get the laptop open and plan out the day.  You struggle to remember all the things that you know you need to get done, pen to paper you scratch out as many as you can remember while feeling like you are missing something important. The feeling won’t budge and it is now hard to concentrate on your work.

Then the phone alarm goes off yet again!!!

Seriously??? WTF!!!!

This is out of control, you grab your phone and dig through setting after setting. What have you missed??? You turn to Google to see if anyone else has had this issue and after reading through 15 forum posts and trying every insane suggestion from others who are suffering from the same fate with no results you realize that you have just wasted 4 hours and accomplished nothing on your list.

That list that you know you have missed something that was urgent and vital for you to complete today.

Your nerves are raw and your head is starting to pound. How are you ever going to accomplish anything today?

This is what is happening to millions of people around the globe every day. There is an alarm that is sounding and they have no idea how to shut it off.

The alarm is FEAR.

The first time it goes off and it puts you on the path to action – super helpful!

But when it keeps going off, we become less and less effective, more and more irritable. The fear that was once helpful has now become our downfall.

Choose to breathe and shut the alarm off.

It might mean turning off the input of media for a period of time, it might mean taking more time to meditate, dance, walk outside or any of the things that calm your nervous system.

Staying out of the fear cycle will make you more productive and proactive.

Let’s talk if you want even more tools that actually work for breaking the fear cycle and reconnecting to who you truly are at the core.